The Blog is Back and so am I

After a long hiatus, it feels nice to return to this site and go back to work – in a fun and de-stressing way . I never intended to take such a long break; a lot of things have happened in my life and probably changed me for the better.

To start with, I moved out of my parents’ house a year ago, only to find myself in a common-law relationship. It wasn’t that living with my parents was bad per se, but it was a major source of stress for me – which wasn’t helping the fact that I also had school to worry about. There were many silly restrictions and regulations that I eventually got tired of following, and I was getting into conflict with my stepfather. I don’t necessarily believe that one can’t have a good relationship with a stepparent, but my stepfather was someone who was silent, stubborn, and at times selfish. Our views on life are very different and when we do speak to each other, it would usually result in arguments. My mom always gets caught up in these arguments and out of sake for her mental health and mine, I moved out (my stepfather wanted me out anyways, but that’s a confusing story for another time).

Only after moving out of my parents’ house did I realize that I could finally breathe. I still see them every now and then, but from the moment I moved out I decided I would never go back. Of course, there are still problems for me to deal with (e.g., paying rent, keeping a job, housework) but for the freedom I have now, I think it’s worth all the trouble.

Kohl-xephyrium_phoenixlcI’ve even recently adopted a cat! There’s never a dull moment with the little rascal. His name is Kohl but over time, I started adding more names (no I will not write the full name here because you all will think it’s silly). I will say that Toothless is apart of it since his eye colour and purr sound very much like the Dreamworks dragon I adore. He doesn’t stay still very often so this is one of the only clear photos I have of him.

For anyone that still follows my blog, you’ll notice that I removed all of my previous posts. After re-reading some of my posts, I need a fresh start with this site. I may repost some of the haiku poems I’ve written from before, but that will be later on.

I don’t forsee any reason for me to take any long breaks in the near future, unless circumstances dictate so. All I can say is that it feels good to be back.

Just a general summary about the social media that I use:

Facebook: official postings of art prints, store promotions, and any events I am attending
Twitter: anything that occurs to me in my life, posts of art sketches and drawings
WordPress blog:
poems, long thoughts and posts about life

Tumblr: reference photos (I have a separate Tumblr for motivational purposes), art sketches and drawings, reblogging of silly and Sherlock-related posts

Out of all the ones listed above, I tend to use Twitter more often. The app is very easy to use on my phone and good for status posts and such. My thoughts tend to run under the 140-word limit anyways.


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