Know Your Limit, Play Within It

Granted I had to get a photo from a website (my photo came out blurry), the Great Hall of the Venetian Macau is very pretty.

If you listen to the radio, chances are you’ve probably heard the commercials for Woodbine Racetrack and Casino from time to time.

Apart from sight-seeing, I’ve had very limited experiences with casinos in the past. Every time I visited one, I’m always underage for gambling. Even when I went to the Venetian Macau, I only caught a glimpse of one of the gaming areas and spent the rest of my time in the indoor shopping mall.

So it wasn’t until a few days ago my boyfriend Eric decided to take me to Woodbine for the experience. I received a rewards card and a complimentary $5 voucher. While I was off trying a slot machine, Eric was at one of the tables playing e-poker.

After one hour, I despised slot machines, not that I was expecting to like them anyway. Playing on them is not thrilling if I know that the machine controls when and where the reels stop. Moreover, it was dismaying to be surrounded by people just mindlessly spending money. I even saw a man inserting $400 at the electronic blackjack table.

All in all, based on this one visit to Woodbine, casinos aren’t for me. Maybe casinos would appeal to me more if I tried the table games, but like Eric, I’m not a fan of electronic poker. If I had enough basic knowledge to play the game and there was a dealer present, I might reconsider.

On the other hand, Eric won enough money to buy us groceries for the next little while. So for that Woodbine, I thank you.


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