Fired From My Job

Well not exactly but given that being a ‘student’ is my occupation, it might as well be the case.

It’s been almost a week since the start of the CUPE 3902/3903 strike, and during that time, I’ve caught up on a whole term’s worth of sleep. All kidding aside, while checking for updates on the strike, I came across some articles I thought was a good read.

Why U of T, York strikes are more than labour disputes

York University’s two towers tell real story of TA strike

It’s funny how things work out in life. In my brother’s final year at York, the university was hit with a strike that lasted three months long. Fast forward five years later, another strike hits the university… in my final year as a Chemistry student.

When a university undergoes two strikes in such a short period of time, aside from TA tuition indexation and job security, something is most definitely wrong inside the system.

My own experience at York has been very subpar to say the least, which might explain my indifference to the strike. I don’t regret coming to York for various reasons – my social life has improved [somewhat] and I’ve met some wonderful people during my time here. Education-wise however, I always wonder whether it would have been different had I attended a different university. Let’s just say I’ve been York’d so many times in the past, I can’t bring myself to write a post about my experience as a student because the memories still leave me in distaste.


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